Why should you choose IBC Office

IBC is always ready to listen and support you with any problem, anytime, anywhere with enthusiasm and high sense of responsibility but also without lack of kindness and thoughtfulness.

A friendly and open environment throughout the working process and customer service experience is the direction that IBC wants to bring, helping you enjoy the most comfortable working moments!

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Full service – Full utilities.

At IBC, we design many office packages with different utilities and services, giving you the flexibility to choose according to the needs of your business. Make the most of the facilities provided at the most reasonable cost.

From the initial establishment of your business to the entire operation and development of your business, IBC is always ready to assist you in all matters from business licensing services, accounting services. – Tax, Human Resource Manager or Personal Assistant. Just contact IBC, all your problems or questions will be answered and handled as quickly as possible.

Attentive employee.
Enthusiastic support.

IBC understands that, for each job, you have different expectations and requirements. We believe that the quality and personality of our employees is always considered the most important factor.

Coming to our staff, IBC is committed to helping you have the most satisfying experience of understanding, dedication and enthusiasm. We are always ready to assist you anytime you need.

More than a professional service, IBC’s dedicated staff ensures that you will always have the most perfect experience when coming to us!

Professional staff
Open space workspace

Good profession.

Besides the required qualities of an employee. IBC is also very confident with its skills and qualifications. We have many years of experience working with large and small businesses at home and abroad. In addition, the IBC team has a good understanding and regularly updates the regulations on Law, Tax, and Accounting. Always bring accuracy in work, avoid unnecessary errors.

Optimize work and costs.

We always have a consensus on working process as well as good coordination between departments to serve customers efficiently, quickly, saving time and costs for your business.

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Customers trust to choose



“I am very satisfied with the service that IBC Office brings”

My business gets a lot of support from IBC Office. I am very satisfied with the service that IBC Office brings. Here I can safely focus on my business. Moreover, the office location is extremely convenient for meeting customers. In addition, I can conveniently print and send mail from overseas thanks to the enthusiastic support of the IBC Office team. I believe that IBC Office is the best choice to start a business if you are in need of an office with full facilities and cost savings.