IBC Consultancy Services – Where you give your trust!

IBC understands that every passing minute is precious to each Enterprise. With more than 10 years of experience accompanying start-ups from the very beginning, we can confidently assist you with legal procedures related to Business License, Tax & Accounting or other services. HR related support.

Business consultancy services

Fully furnished office

We are always here, listening, sharing and advising you on the services that best suit your requirements. IBC commits to you:

  • Complete all legal procedures as quickly as possible.
  • The most economical implementation cost.

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Tax Services - Accounting

With a professional working style, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative and experienced staff, IBC will help businesses get rid of worries about Accounting – Tax at the most economical cost.

With the criterion: “Always share and accompany businesses”
The services that we provide are always committed to comprehensive, accurate, effective and unique solutions to the specific problems of each business.

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Assistant Services - Human Resource Management

Instead of having to spend too much time on administrative work, scheduling as well as managing drip jobs, come to IBC’s Assistant – Human Resource Management service. We will help businesses save time/cost in recruiting – managing human resources.

With an experienced and highly specialized team, IBC will be the “effective arm” to help you handle and complete the work in the most professional and fastest way.

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Customer experience

“I am very satisfied with the service that IBC Office brings”

My business gets a lot of support from IBC Office. I am very satisfied with the services that IBC Office brings, especially Tax & Accounting services. Here I can safely focus on my business. Moreover, the office location is extremely convenient for meeting customers. In addition, I can conveniently print and send mail from overseas thanks to the enthusiastic support of the IBC Office team. I believe that IBC Office is the best choice to start a business if you are in need of an office with full facilities and cost savings.


Instead of spending a lot of time and money, let IBC take care of this responsibility for you!