Cost Efficiency and Effective

Virtual Office is a best choice to replace traditional room – which help people optimize costs to operate company professionally

What is mission of Virtual Office at IBC?

We understand there’re many challenges that businesses and startups have been overcoming to build successful companies. One of these are financial limitation. 

Therefore, Virtual Office was found as an effective solution for businesses at the beginning, for the purposes of economize costs and fees while building professional presence. Enhancing business reputation is IBC’s mission.

How are Virtual Office better than traditional offices?

  • Construction Expenditure

It really takes time and energy to build a traditional office: seek a good location, good architect, good building contractors….They’re so complicated and no potential promises. However, it’s super easy if you use Virtual Office at IBC. 

Located in the central of Ho Chi Minh City, opposite Bitexco Financial Tower, you’ll make an amazing image for your company. 

  • Facility Cost

Assumption you’ve finished building an office, so how should you use it efficiently when the price to buy a seat is around 4 million VND? Do you think you should build an office while IBC provides you all necessary facilities with convenient – green – professional style?

You’ll have different choices based on your demand with a variety of packages at IBC, you won’t be charged for whole month while you just use an office several hours. Flexibility is prioritized!


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