Additional Service

Business Consultant

It is enough for you to be busy with your business ideas, why also have to save time for complicated legal procedures? It is enough for you to deal with complex market problems, why also have to get a headache searching for business registration process? It is enough for you to get mad with other complicated issues, why also have to worry that your profile will be refused?

- Complete all enterprise establishment procedure

- Change business license
- Get Investment certificate
- Get Representative Office license

Every passing second is worth a lot to entrepreneurs, your time and your effort should be save for building a new relationship or expanding your market. Just let our 5 - year experience help you complete all your company establishment procedures in a fastest and most saving way.

Enterprise establishment

Procedures of Enterprise establishment in HCM City that you need to provide are:

- Notarized photo copies of ID/Passport
- Company information such as: company name, business address, business lines, capital, rate of capital contribution.
Consult type of enterprise
Consult named for enterprise
Consult business lines
Consult rate & method of capital contribution
Consult relating contents
Local Company Establishment
Prepare application for
the Business Registration Certificate
Make members/shareholders book
Company Stamp
Establishment Announcement  
Open banking account  
Announce new account to Tax Agency before operation  
Initial Tax Declaration  

Changing Business License

Changing Business License with simply and quickly procedures. You just need to provide us below information:

The original Business License
Neccessary changing information
Contact information: Full name, email and phone number

  Price (VND) Time
Change business lines 1.000.000 5 days
Change business capital 1.000.000
Change members/founding shareholders/Legal representative 1.500.000
Change head office (same district) 1.000.000

Change head office (different district)

Change Business Registration Certificate

Make the new Stamp


Change type of enterprise

Change Business Registration Certificate

Make the new Stamp

Establish Branch/Rep Office that has head office in HCM City 1.500.000
Establish Branch/Rep Office that has head office in other provinces/cities 2.000.000
Branch/Rep Office dissolution 2.000.000 30 days
Company dissolution Depends on Company’s operation Depends on the District

Note: Price is NOT inclusive VAT.

Investment Certificate for 100% foreign capital Company

100% foreign capital company belongs to foreign investor that is established in Vietnam, will manage and respond the business results by themselves.

Establishment procedures:

Registration/written request for issuing Certificate of Investment (form).
The report on financial capacity of the investor prepared by and responsible for by the investor (the contents of the report must clarify the investment sources, investor’s financial capacity for implementation of the investment project).
The draft Articles of Association of the Company corresponding to the type of enterprise (one-member limited liability 
Company, joint stock Company, Partnership Company).
The list of members corresponding to types of enterprise (form).
Certification of legal status of the founding shareholders.
Practicing certificate of members and other individual to company that registered conditional business lines.
Written authorization of investor for authorized persons in case the investor is organizations and valid copy (notarized copy), one of the personal identification papers of the authorized representative.
 + Time: 15 – 30 working days since applied documents.

 + Service fee: Contact for more information

Working process:

After signing the Contract, IBC Office will have completed documents around 5 days since received fully customer’s information.
Apply documents to D.P.I
Follow documents and announce documents result to customer.
Receive Investment Certificate.
Make the stamp.
Complete Tax Code registration procedure.
Give Investment Certificate and Stamp to customer.

Representative Office License:

Establishing Rep Office in Vietnam is more simple and quickly than establishing 100% foreign capital company. This is the choice of almost foreign company who want to invest in Vietnam.

Requirements for Rep Office License in Vietnam:

Being trader who is legal recognized from where they established or business registered.
  • Minimum 1 year of operation since established or legal business registered in trader’s country.
  • Note:

Trader’s Rep Office License in Vietnam have a term of 5 years but not allowed get over the term of Business License or equal documents of trader in case foreign law has regulated the term of Business License of trader.

The documents to be submitted for the representative office establishment license include:

Application (standard form);
A certified/legalized copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and any amendments of the parent company;
A certified/legalized copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the parent company (if any);
A certified/legalized copy of the audit report of the parent company for its latest financial year issued by an auditing company;
A notarized copy of Office Lease Contract;
A notarized copy of Chief Representative’s passport.

Time: 10 – 15 working days since
Service Fee: Contact for more information

Working Process:

After signing Service Contract, IBC Office will complete documents after 5 days fully receiving customer’s information.
Submit documents to D.O.I.T
Follow documents, announce submitted document result to customer.
Receive Rep Office License
Make the Stamp
Give the Rep Office License and the Stamp to customer.