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Visa - Work permit


What is Visa?

Visa is one kind of permit issued by the authority of a State/Nation to an individual who is not its citizens, allowing him to entry to its territory and stay for a limited period of time.

When will you need Visa?

Except for Southeast Asia and other nations that have special policy on visa exemption, when immigrating to another nations, every of Vietnam citizen has to get passport and Visa issued by the Consulate of that country.

As well, all of foriegners who want to immigrate to Vietnam have to get passport and Visa issued by Vietnam authorities, except for those exemption cases.

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Work permit

According to the Labour Code, foreigners working for companies, agencies or organizations in Vietnam must be granted work permit, except for those who are on exemption from work permit.

Work permit is one kind of certificate, allowing foreigners to work legally in Vietnam. In which name of company, position and main job of the foreigner will be clearly stated. A job will be seen as legal if the foreigner does the job according to what listed in the work permit.

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