Meeting Rooms

Fully equipped meeting room

You feel private in co-working spaces

You’re happy like at home

You will appreciate the thoughtfulness at IBC! Of course, but environment and facilities are our main focus too. How to make you happy in a private space? That’s our responsibility.

The thoughtfulness in placements: full equipment, board, projector….and furthermore, the thoughtfulness in human factors: careful, empathy and professional.


Flexibility in Hours

No matters your meeting has been just about 1 hours or lasting many days, there has always been available rooms at IBC, we will give you estimated schedule and book the proper rooms one you approved

Common seating area at IBC office

Additional Benefits

  • Projector, writing board
  • Separate air conditioner
  • High speed internet/wifi
  • Tea, coffee, filtered water
  • Support printing/copying
  • Receptionist support, welcome guests enthusiastically.
Professional reception area welcome guests


Quickly, accurately and enthusiastically. You will get adequate information and benefits you needs, and the proper service package for your business. Receptionists are meticulous and professional to satisfy your customers and partners.


What make IBC different

A workplace is very important for the success of a business. Why? As it’s not a normal office, it’s about where you build your dreams, create your ideas and evoke inspiration! At IBC, you’re opening opportunities to attract more customers and partners, more projects will come and your image will be visualized.

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A strategic location enhance position of your business

An obvious location is one of the proofs to increase your trust, and it would impress your customers as well, of course. IBC won’t disappoint you! You will own a private office in the center of District 1, sightsee Bitexco and IFC ONE buildings, and much greater experience you can’t imagine.
Common seating area at IBC office

Optimize The Cost

The cost is one of big problem of many startups at the beginning. Therefore, IBC has created various packages for different ranges of price, for sure that you will get detailed information and choose the best one for your business. IBC is confident of the competitive prices in the marketing. Our mission is to support you have an excellent office with best prices.

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We are not only Virtual Office

Is virtual office really virtual as it’s called? At IBC, we commit to bring you a virtual office but real service. What does it mean? It means you can use the real office, experience all spaces and our customer caring staff will take care of your customers and partners.
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Your needs are on us, just let us know!

Advantages of IBC Office

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Strategic location in District 1

Professional staff

Professional staff

Phòng họp đầy đủ trang thiết bị

Fully equipped meeting room

Fully furnished office

Workspace ready for you

Dịch vụ kế toán thuế ,tư vấn doanh nghiệp

Professional add-on service

Trusted by more than 1000 customers

“Staff are enthusiastic, attentive and extremely professional”

I often have to rent a meeting room in District 1 for the convenience of my clients and IBC helps me to always feel comfortable and confident when working with guests. It’s like a meeting room in my office.

Khách hàng Huỳnh thị Ngọc Thảo là Giám Đốc Công Ty TNHH Thương Mại XNK Gemini

“5 star service in district 1 but with a more reasonable fee”

One of the smartest choices I’ve ever made. At IBC, the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and always very helpful to me. Thank you IBC house