Private office

Phòng họp đầy đủ tiện ích
At IBC, we put your satisfaction first. All the demands of facilities is full and modern. The private rooms include desks & chairs/ file cabinets…. Don’t worry if you work late because you will have the own lock. 
The office is not only good for your work, but also for your health and emotions. It’s full of light and green to release negativity and boost your mood ever. 


Khu vực pantry thư giãn


Release negativity and boost your energy with some tea or coffee. Your needs are on us: lounges, cabinet, coffee & tea for your rest.


Trang bị cơ sở vật chất đầy đủ

Modern equipment

Photocopiers & printers

Landline phone

Fax and mail handling

Furniture and so on


Phòng họp đầy đủ trang thiết bị

The meeting room is always available

All meeting rooms at IBC are always available for booking. You don’t need to spend much expenditure in equipment and machinery but still have rights to take advantages.  

What make IBC Office different


A workplace is very important for the success of a business. Why? As it’s not a normal office, it’s about where you build your dreams, create your ideas and evoke inspiration! At IBC, you’re opening opportunities to attract more customers and partners, more projects will come and your image will be visualized.

Toà nhà Vietnam Business Center ngay trung tâm quận 1

An peerless location enhance position of your business

An obvious location is one of the proofs to increase your trust, and it would impress your customers as well, of course. IBC won’t disappoint you! You will own a private office in the center of District 1, sightsee Bitexco and IFC ONE buildings, and much greater experience you can’t imagine. 

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Fully furnished office

Optimize The Cost

The cost is one of big problem of many startups at the beginning. Therefore, IBC has created various packages for different ranges of price, for sure that you will get detailed information and choose the best one for your business. IBC is confident of the competitive prices in the marketing. Our mission is to support you have an excellent office with best prices. 

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Khu vực pantry thư giãn

Working is not everything!

You will need time to relax and release negativity, of course! There are balcony and pantry to escape from stress a little bit. 

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All workplace needs are met

Advantages of IBC Office

Toà nhà Vietnam Business Center ngay trung tâm quận 1

Peerless location in District 1

Trang bị cơ sở vật chất đầy đủ

Modern office equipment

Professional staff

Professional Support

Dịch vụ kế toán thuế ,tư vấn doanh nghiệp


Reception space at IBC

Luxurious office space

Trusted by more than 1000 customers

Khách hàng Cao Thị Anh Thư là Giám Đốc Công Ty LOGLAG TECHNOLOGY JSC

“IBC Office is always professional in all situations”

I am very satisfied and assured with the service that IBC team brings to me as well as our customers. Enthusiastic staff, attentive. Professional working style. Affordability.


“IBC Office offers everything we need”

When looking for a new location for our office in Hanoi, we place great importance on finding a place that makes our employees comfortable and secure to focus on their work. The new office at Dreamplex gave us everything we needed: a central location, large meeting rooms, an extremely creative space, a beautifully designed office with green areas, a relaxing and minimalist cafe area. Just enough for a tech company.

SAKSHI JAWA / Giám đốc Con người tại Tiki