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Recruitment Support Service

20/10/2021    4.65/5 trong 18 lượt 
Human resource is considered as the most important resource of an Enterprise. Understanding that, IBC's recruitment support service was established to meet all your requirements.
Recruitment Support Service

IBC supports you to recruit and select the best candidates. You will directly interview and select candidates as per your desire.

Including the following:

1.       - Support to promote the Employer Brand.

2.       - Post recruitment notices on media channels.

3.       - Support to select candidates with the Company's available tools.

4.      -  Help the company interview to select the best candidates

5.       - Support to organize & arrange interview schedule.

6.       - Manage candidate profile & information.

Recruitment support fee:

USD150/month (2 candidates). Additional fee: +USD50/candidate.

Contact us:

☎️(+84)28. 7309 9986 or (+84)906 391 090