Tax – Accounting Consultancy

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We offer one roof services portfolio to the Business Investors

  • Staff: skilled, experienced support you to handle all issues surrounding Tax Accounting quickly, accurately, efficiently and more.
  • We are always available: ready to listen to your problems, enthusiastically support and advise you on the most perfect solutions.
  • Optimizing human resources for your business: saving costs and time for you.
  • Fast and timely: Always update quickly and promptly the latest information, policies and regulations to apply, avoiding errors for your business.
  • Optimization : Reasonable reduction of tax payment for your Business in accordance with applicable tax laws.
  • Security: Always ensure absolute confidentiality of your information

Categories of work IBC offers you

Monthly Tax Returns

  • Collect all financial invoices from the unit, complete the quarterly Value Added Tax report, use invoices as prescribed
  • Collect data from payroll, prepare and submit PIT withholding declaration as prescribed.
  • Linking the data source to complete the CIT report of the period for the entity

Prepare accounting books according to regulations

  • Collect all arising data of the month, review the data, prepare for the closing work at the end of the month.
  • Completing monthly reports and accounting books in accordance with tax laws

Prepare year-end financial statements

  • Accounting and completing accounting books.
  • Report on import and export of inventories, supplies, goods and products Annual depreciation of fixed assets, allocation of tools and equipment
  • Make payroll, account balance sheet, account balance
  • Monthly/quarterly/yearly business results, Cash flow statement
  • CIT finalization. Solve arising problems, review and rearrange documents stored at the company.
  • Prepare year-end financial statements

You just need to focus on your business, IBC will help you with the rest

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“I am very satisfied with the service that IBC Office brings”

My business gets a lot of support from IBC Office. I am very satisfied with the services that IBC Office brings, especially Tax & Accounting services. Here I can safely focus on my business. Moreover, the office location is extremely convenient for meeting customers. In addition, I can conveniently print and send mail from overseas thanks to the enthusiastic support of the IBC Office team. I believe that IBC Office is the best choice to start a business if you are in need of an office with full facilities and cost savings.



Enterprises have trusted to choose IBC

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“Excellent IBC staff”

We have saved a lot of money using Personal Assistant at IBC. From the day of establishment until now, I no longer have to worry about administrative work at the office, because I have a great staff from IBC to support me.

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