We are not only virtual office

IBC commits to offer you a service of virtual office but so real like a physical office as you’d like professional services and have supports of IBC staff.

Modern and standard space

At IBC, you’re able to stay at the whole space of co-working area. For sure that you’ll be impressed by modern design and green vibe, which make your partners/ clients appreciate.

In the cases of important meetings or privacy, you can book IBC’s meeting rooms, they are full of necessary facilities to make the meetings effective.

In addition, there are balcony and pantry for your regeneration of energy, you deeply know that you need privacy for yourself sometimes, we are here to support you, to help you release negativities and stay strong.

Full package of service with adequate convenience 

IBC has created different packages of office services that businesses have many choices for their company. Every package is provided with services suitable for the type of business.

IBC has been coming along with many businesses with their operations and development, we’re always willing to support you in all issues related to business registration, tax-accounting and HR management. So our missions is to solve your problems in the most effective way.

Professional Customer Staff

IBC staff are delighted and meticulous that we understand your needs and make sure you have beautiful experience.

Let’s come to IBC now!

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